How long do temporary tattoos last on skin?
Our temporary tattoos last about 3 days, depending on the size and placement of the tattoo. Temporary tattoos last much longer when applied in an area that isn't rubbed often. For the best application of your tattoo, be sure your skin is dry, and free of oil, lotion and makeup, since temporary tattoos apply best to clean, dry skin. Try to choose a smooth, hair-free area of skin that doesn't crease or stretch when you move. Once applied, temporary tattoos are waterproof, so they won't come off in the shower, pool, or in that water gun fight with your family! Temporary tattoos can be easily removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, baby oil or even with a few strips of transparent household tape.

Are temporary tattoos safe for application on my skin?
Of course! These temporary tattoos are so safe, that we have applied them to babies. All of the temporary tattoos we manufacture are safe and non-toxic. We use FDA certified colorants and all products exceed US, Canadian and European Union safety standards for cosmetic and toy products. Certification documentation is available upon request.

How are temporary tattoos applied?
Temporary tattoos are fast and easy to apply; all you need is water. Your skin should be clean, dry and free of lotions, oils and makeup. First, remove the clear, protective top sheet. Then, press the tattoo firmly onto your skin with the design facing down. Hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo, press down and make sure to wet the paper thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds and slowly peel off the paper backing. Gently rinse the image with water for the best results and allow the temporary tattoo to dry before touching or covering with clothing. Every temporary tattoo has application instructions printed on the back as well.

How are temporary tattoos removed?
You can easily remove temporary tattoos with rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, baby oil, or transparent household tape. Temporary tattoos are resistant to water and most soaps to ensure that they last about 3 days.


How can I check on the status of my order?
You will receive an order confirmation email immediately after placing your order. A follow up email with a shipment date and details will be sent when your order ships. Please add sales@temporarytattoos.com to your ‘safe senders’ or ‘safe recipients list’ to ensure delivery of emails. If you wish to check the status of an order, feel free to contact Customer Service.


What method can I use to pay for my order?
We accept most major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, or PayPal. Please contact Customer Service with any questions or concerns, Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm MST.


Do you charge sales tax?
Sales tax is calculated based on the current tax rate of the shipping address listed at the time of purchase.


What is the return / refund policy?
Craft Box Factory delivers innovative, high-quality products and stands behind all of them with 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with any purchase for any reason at any time, contact us and we will replace the product, credit your account, or refund your purchase price. We aren't happy unless you're happy!


Are temporary tattoos and other products safe?
You bet! All temporary tattoos exceed US, Canadian & European Union safety standards. Color additives have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as cosmetics. This means the FDA has determined they are safe for "direct dermal contact". All our temporary tattoos are manufactured in the United States. Every product package and individual temporary tattoo contains ingredient information as required by the FDA. Further, the reverse side of every individual tattoo has a link to a website where any concerns about safety can be reported by the consumer with the product number. Safety testing documentation is available upon request.

Is Craft Box Factory complaint with social accountability requirements?
Yes! Many systems and processes are in place to support social accountability requirements including those in national, state and local laws. Craft Box Factory complies or exceeds all social audit and good manufacturing practice audits. These include provisions regarding: child labor, forced and compulsory labor, health and safety, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, remuneration and management systems.


What does a G-7 Master Print Qualification mean?
G7 is a specification defined by the Print Colorimetrics Working Group of IDEAlliance, a nonprofit association that identifies best practices for efficient end-to-end digital media workflows - from content creation through distribution. Qualifications begins with a complete survey of the production process, including press, plating and proofing.